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Toolbox compatibility


LPVcore offers compatibility with the LPV objects in both the Control System Toolbox and LPVTools through conversion functions. In the following sections, we give more details on the compatibility with each toolbox.

Control System Toolbox

Since MATLAB R2023a, the Control System Toolbox (CST) offers the creation of LPV state-space representations in the form of lpvss objects. These objects differ from the similarly named LPVcore.lpvss objects in the LPVcore Toolbox. Namely, the parameter dependency of lpvss objects in the CST is defined through custom functions, while LPVcore.lpvss objects have their dependency defined through pmatrix objects with basis functions. Due to these differences, only conversion from LPVcore.lpvss objects to (CST) lpvss objects is possible and not vice versa.

Conversion from a LPVcore.lpvss object to an lpvss object is facilitated through the LPVcore.conversionLpvss function. An example of its use is demonstrated in the following code snippet:

p = preal('p', 'ct', 'Range', [0, 9]);

A = [0 1; - 1 - p, -3];
B = [0;1];
C = [1 0];
D = 0;

model = LPVcore.lpvss(A, B, C, D);

modelConverted = LPVcore.conversionLpvss(model);


The LPVTools toolbox offers LPV state-space representations in the form of the plftss object and pss object. The plftss object is a Linear Fractional Representation (LFR) and shares similarities with the lpvlfr object in LPVcore. The pss object is a grid-based representation, whereby the dynamics at specific parameter grid points are specified, which is similar to the lpvgridss object in LPVcore. To convert these LPVTools objects to and from their counterparts in LPVcore, we provide the following commands:

  • LPVcore.plftssConversion: To convert an (LPVTools) plftss object to an (LPVcore) lpvlfr object.
  • LPVcore.pssConversion: To convert an (LPVTools) pss object to an (LPVcore) lpvgridss object.
  • LPVcore.conversionPlftss To convert an (LPVcore) lpvlfr (or LPVcore.lpvss) object to an (LPVTools) plftss object.
  • LPVcore.conversionPss To convert an (LPVcore) lpvgridss object to an (LPVTools) pss object.

An example of the use of LPVcore.conversionPlftss is demonstrated in the following code snippet:

Delta = preal('p', 'ct', 'Range', [0, 9]);

A = [0 1; -1 -2];
B = [0 1;1 1];
C = [1 0; 2 0];
D = [0 1;1 2];
G = ss(A, B, C, D)

model = lpvlfr(Delta, G);

modelConverted = LPVcore.conversionPlftss(model);