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System Identification

This section gives an overview of the functions for system identification.

Data and model structures#

lpviddataData set of input, output and scheduling signals
predictPredict K-step-ahead model output
compareCompare identified model output and measured output

Global LPV-IO#

lpvarxPEM LPV-ARX identification
lpvarmaxPEM LPV-ARMAX identification
lpvoePEM LPV-OE identification
lpvbjPEM LPV-BJ identification
lpvpolyestPEM estimation of general lpvidpoly model structures

Global LPV-SS#

lpvssestGradient-based PEM estimation of lpvidss model structure using Enhanced Gauss-Newton search
lpvsidSubspace estimation of lpvidss model structure

Local LPV-LFR#

hinfidHH_{\infty}-norm matching with specified LTI models