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Scheduling dependent matrix functions

This is an overview of the functions defined on the pmatrix object. For more information and see recent updates to the code, type doc pmatrix.

+, -Addition and subtraction
*, .*(Element-wise) multiplication
', .'(Complex conjugate) transposition
^, .^(Element-wise) power
(:)Vectorize pmatrix object
fevalEvaluate pmatrix for trajectory of extended scheduling signal
horzcat, vertcat, catConcatentation
diagCreate diagonal pmatrix or get diagonal elements
blkdiagBlock diagonal concatenation
freezeGet matrix for specified value of scheduling signal
isconstReturns whether pmatrix represents a constant matrix
isaffineReturns whether pmatrix has affine dependence on scheduling signal
ispolyReturns whether pmatrix has polynomial dependence on scheduling signal
iscustomReturns whether pmatrix has custom dependence on scheduling signal
kronKronecker product
pdiffDifferentiates CT pmatrix object by specified amount
pevalEvaluate pmatrix for trajectory of scheduling signal
pshiftShifts DT pmatrix object in time by specified amount
sizeReturns size
simplifySort basis functions and remove duplicates